About HEI

Health Equity Initiatives (HEI), is a Malaysian based organization that advances the right to health for marginalized communities. To this end, HEI implements an integrated mental health program that adopts a community based, participatory approach for refugees and asylums seekers. The core of HEI’s program is community based interventions which engage closely with refugee community organizations.


HEI is currently looking to recruit a Counselor with the following roles and responsibilities:

  1. Providing assessments and follow up psychological interventions for HEI’s patients at the community center or/and at the community.
  2. Leading and facilitating support groups within HEI and in the community
  3. Making the necessary internal and external referrals for the patients towards the recovery and rehabilitation of patients
  4. Preparing reports of patients and providing a monthly summary of reports for the mental health services database.
  5. Providing case studies and other data pertaining to counseling activities for periodic donor reporting
  6. Participating in the development and implementation of training activities of HEI internally and externally

Qualifications and criteria:

  1. Masters in Counseling
  2. A Malaysian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  3. Possesss a passion to serve the marginalized
  4. Passion for community work, professional and able to work in a team
  5. Remuneration will be commensurate with relevant experience and qualification.

Please send the application to The Administrator at with the subject line “Counsellor”